an obscure verse from the corrupt Aivin.hymn. by Vidyamandira, Obakurta. Permanent aspects of Indian culture. Samsraha. Oriental Inst, of the Untv. The problem of ihe origin of the ladogcrmans and the cihaologtcol linguistics of today..‘.ITmUon n Uie.omul of Idl senp.ure.

ref.toHSgas in That myths. to C> u the penultjjnate truth of wb. himself, arc not jiJslilied acc. Motwani, Kewal.* Iniia's A«nent Literature. Die ah-tndoanschen Worter mit •pd-, besonders im Rgvedo. approximate date of some of the hymns of ^ V; large part of IjtV’Sam. Hindnis.n^ ^ Krise dcr Gegenwart. by uanslaung Mitbrt everywhere as ‘contract*. Four iDdo-Iranian etymologies. cerebral consonants believed to have been borrowed by the Aryans from Dravidian speech.the suggestion that tbe highly civilized pre-Aryan people of f. Vedic and Upaaisadic, Jaina. the school of Aitareyios ts actuaHy cited as a separate authority. the change of an aggre- gate of gentes into a soaety. Die Hettnat der tndogerntamschen Gemettisprache. Three Iranian words for “Bread”. puCra, taken tn Tocharian. The Paocaratra-gsstra and the Upanisads. Mesopolanna study ot kioesbip ■“ eealtal posmoo ^olh fli. The Slcppc Region in World History. The revelatory character of Hindu epistemology. a survey of the prc-Paomian grammatical thought la the matter of the verbal root. The Dravidjan question answered. B G Aneient Indian His- tory and Culture. they reflect descnptionofprepamg^ niatnarchal form of society a common hBtoncds.««jn ,^.rty lef to a double S-»” «' w on the Vantna Hymns of the Rgveda ^'l 'rjIsSSCD. Govardhana-puji its historical and cultural significance. to him, ongmai home was a tract embraciog Egypt, Iran, and borderland of India all tbeistic elemeota in the later synthesis ascribed to V. Ganesh Duit College Maganne iPch. S Family and Kin xn Indo-European Culture. Origin and.^preat/ o/ Tamils. and Proc of Manchester Lit. U «rP«a» lhat Ihe two exjitci * area 'cnwWe ^tofc^ouse of cosctk koowJedg side by side ^ s>-mbolism all Vedic rdyz conveyed obiectivr. out of wh vicre further deieloped Haute. Vayu, Svar, Soma, Devas, Rta, also a god called Yamin. A»n»- Scoola Notmalo Superioro dl P>». Taoism Jamnn ^oto medamsm. Varadachari, K C Freedom and karma Pr. Akhilananda, Swami- Mental Health and Hindu Psychology. , desBgveda mil Hilfe zablen-massi- desrelalivenAllers de Lteder desBe ^ oerBerechDung.* Arc/i. mrn-nandprabrnaathe slatliniipointctnc.tld.cieauon; etealion to evolunon; plemUty ot sel«s.SS*khyn pb,Iosopto Uks. civil, were Viavidiaa-tpcaken accords vtell with the sub- sequent trend of Ind. ^nd cosmic aspecu, the reUuon.n^somSl reatooo” bcT. Give impetus to Ycdic re- searches. and to discover the attitude of early Buddhism towards them. »e« Ai>ao nonuJc hordes, later on. Uue aasta lubadused, mis aitavad sul 2019. aastal rikkamaks saada. Noms mytbigues indo-irasiens dans le folklore des Osses. Assam Publishing COTporaUoo. Narasimhachar, S , Oriental Library Publications No. Bhagavad-GUa-Ni^kama Karma-Moiality : Dharma precepts in Srutis and fimrtis. l^eda ka ivayatfi libtaUa. horn TalUasamgraha of Sanlaraksita * Vedas can't be regarded as eternal and divine for tbe reason that they contain many unpleasant things, sudtas, korta, mahySUa, provi hin sii, etc. the political and the ' funetionm, of nature as. Sarma, Munshi Ram Veda-maryada. MAYRUOrtR, M Zwei indische MiszelleO. yePeri-eresilrre end B rod. the essence of the hymn given here ts that given in the ^fudgola Upanl'ed..a Hindi monthly journal relating to Vedic studies. Arische und altiramschc Religion. ongm to be sought for la anaeot India.

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. van Hayagrtea, the Mantraiamc aspect of horse-cult in China and J apan. Oriental Philosophies, ed..made up of the ^thesis of the four purutHrihas. namely, to explain the cosmi. V Zur Ptoblcmatik tics Alters dcs Bgvcda Arch Or. a practical proposal for prcUaiazry work an a new’ Saostnf DicCiaaary. ‘pantheism' or ‘theopamsm’ can’t be adequate des- enpuon of flF thought comparison of ‘Kathcnotheism* anh dunoriwiJ is unwarranted; ‘K.’ is wider spread throughout Vedic lit. Cosmical homology and Yoga. Unity and harmony la Sanktll liietatuic..denved from the form * jiafi> alphabccal md« cf mantraa , S»N.R«^»fJCRa^»H.RR ,.ed D,Rs™,Nir.yaEa Svatnl. TKt tieiehpmtnl of the cot dpt of Putusa. The Gemus behind JaCiianiental Rites. I all are qualified to study Veda. B an allegono scholars agree fire H. Sanslrit puspa^ and pujva-.

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. eshausuve study of the wit td Sivahcga. ,, i:oj.This verse embode. Psychological evaluation of certain ' trends in Indian culture. Transactions Glasgow Univ. Variety and integration in tbc pattern of Indian culture. Gimdutas, M The Pre-kisiory of Eastern Europe : Part I : Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age Cultures in Russia and Ihc Baltic Area. Die Religion der Unndogennanen im Lichte der Spracbe. Le personnalisme biblique ct I’anti- personnaJisme des Upanishad. Miifa-VUbra lyroboUc* ’tewat. UrspruagdesMysterienwesens im Lichte der Volkerkunde und Indologic. immanent in the universe; Bh IS the transcendent Br. India’s cultural role in Ibe world. articles on various aspects of dfiarma, artha, kSma, mokfa. accordingly, makes a thought typological rather than histono- logwal or ptulologwal approach to the present problem. Vedicstudies, their past and future. characterized by both rigidity and iiezjbdity. Hcthitischcs zur Frage der indo* gcrmamsch-finniscb-ugrischcD Sprachvemandtschaft. Some bidden eflccts of Christianity upon Hinduism and Hindus..chiefly the problems relating to transmigration and eman- apation. Svadhyaya Marulala, Aundh. ace to author, A M - a Pra^spati. ■Koi ““'g’und Gonda, J Scmantisdics zu idg. because me TOLemenls of d unde such a rearrangement desuable. Sri Aurobmdo Mandir Annual, Jayanii No. Edmond Holmes and his scrsice to Indian thought. Hattori, MasaakI The concept of gotra in Bud- dhism. La notion de Viacam- tion scion la cooccplton hindouc. The Foundations of the Atharvapic Religion. 'Tbe ethics of pravrtti and aivrlti. Laen taotlus, laenud Tartus sularahas. the dark nether ocean is the abode of V. Date of Sudar^anacarya, the commen- tator of the Apastambagrhyasutra- between c.

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. Hoffmann, K, Vedtscb ’* gamaii "..cveiy story m mythology has some hidden eswene er phiSJCaJ basis, koowledfeof sciences tike astronomy condeased in small fonnulas having double meaning in mythological stones. Chinese, and Japa- nese sources, a long senes of notes and details bearing on H. Abhedananda, Swami, Life beyond Death. The Mahabhirata data for Ar^'an expansion in India. Die angcblichc Wuracl bhres. Ot.e;.a.Ka„g.aa.BK»-;;- New York. ■ Indian cnllnrc and the Vedas. The call of Vedic teAtms tn the pnnctpal Indo-European Languages A Contribution to the History of Ideas.. cant be considered to be MSjaJhai.

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. adhUaivaiam ref to the Divine Craco.action, not dependent on the uidividual's will or effort, it may have ref to the senses er the gods wb are not capable of being under the control of the individuals, being lostrumeois of that maya of bis, wb. is not *cbalcotiibic* but ‘bronze age’ of ** cultures ” of h V. to SG, Y and the VVcsteniers, psychotherapy Rev E